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I am privilaged to take pilgrim groups on this spiritual encounter with the holy land,  As a jewish guide I see these tours as a block in the bridge of understanding and tolerance between peoples. This page has a suggestion for a 7 day tour. the program can be modifighed accordung to groups needs.


DAY 1 - Jerusalem in the footsteps of Jesus #1 – Mt olives – Via Dolorosa
Mt of olives starting with the Church of Ascension, where Jesus ascended to heaven and the Church of Pater-Noster where Jesus taught his disciples how to pray.
Look out from Mt olives towards the temple mount and the panorama of the holy city, continued with a walk down the Palm Sunday trail, passing Dominus Flevit church, where the master cried, and finaly to Gethsemane and the Church of all nations where Jesus was captured. From there, walking up passing the valley of Qidron through Lion's gate to the Via Dolorosa. The way of the cross.
The tour ends after a visit to the Holy Sepulchre in a stroll through the Jaffa Market up to Jaffa gate.

DAY 2 - Jerusalem in the footsteps of Jesus #2 - From Mt Zion to Mt Moria

Starting at Mt Zion with Church St Peter in Galicantu, the house of Caiaphas where Jesus was held on the night of his capture, and where Peter disowned Jesus. Continuing to the Upper room and Tomb of David.
From there waking through Zion Gate towards the Jewish quarter, walking through the Cardo and the remainings of King Hezekiah walls and fortifications, and then down to the western wall. After a time for personal dedication, ascending to the Temple mount to the Golden dome and Al Aqsa mosque (in time limits). The tour will end passing Robinson's arch at the Dung gate.
DAY 3 - Underground Jerusalem – city of David and Kotel Tunnels
The tour will take us back to the time of King David, seeing the base if his palace, and then entering the amazing tunnels and Warren's shaft. This part will end walking through the wet or dry tunnels leading to the Siloh pool. The second part of the tour is a visit to the Kottel Tunnels, going underneath the known wall and understanding its magnitude and the huge water function built above it.
DAY 4 - Bethlehem – Jericho – Baptismal site – Dead Sea
Visiting the two holy cities in one day, and the magnificent sites – Church of nativity, Shepherds field, and then drive to Jericho and go up by cable car to the Mt of Temptation. Passing the Sycamore tree of Zacchaeus, driving to Baptismal site on the Jordan river, and ending the day at the Dead sea beach for a mud rub and float.
DAY 5 - Dead sea – Qumran – Ein Gedi – Masada
A day in the Dead sea region to sights from the second temple time – Qumran, the place where the dead sea scrolls were written and found 2000 years later. Ein Gedi and David river walk and Masada the spectacular Herodian fortress that became a symbol of heroism. Finally on the way back driving to the Dead sea beach for a mud rub and float.
DAY 6 - Galilee – Mt Carmel – Nazareth – Cana – Mt Tabor
Driving north to focal points of the Galilee. Starting at Muchraka – the place where Elijah challenged and fought the prophets of Baal, continuing to Nazareth the church of annunciation and St Joseph church. Driving then to Cana where the first miracle happened and eventually climbing to the peek of Mt Tabor where the Transfiguration took place.
DAY 7 - Sea of Galilee – Mt Beatitudes – Tabgha – Capernaum
Spending the day around the Sea of Galilee, visiting churches and sites commemorating Jesus teachings and miracles in the area. Starting with Church of Beatitudes where Jesus had his Sermon the mount, continuing to Tabgha where the miracle of the multiplication of fish and loaves happened and where Jesus chose Peter to be his follower. and eventually to Capernaum the town of Jesus. The tour will end at the Baptismal site of Yardenit.
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