4. North of the Dead Sea

A family dessert experience, going down towards the dead sea. Starting at Abrahams tent for a camel ride, baking pita and more, from there to Kumran a mysterious village fom biblical times, driving along the dead sea retracting shore till Ein Gedi and the David river walk, and finally a dip in the dead sea water.
  • Eretz Bereshit - Abrahams tent - coffee, tea, fruit + camel ride + baking pita, Alon
  • Kumran
  • Dead sea – Ein Gedi river walk
  • Biankini beach - Swim at dead sea

5. South of Dead sea

Early morning climb up the roman rampart of Masada to meet the sun rise from the top. Tour of antiquities revealing herods grand palaces and the heroic story of the warriors who took their lives. After sloping down the on the cable car, the tour continues to a dessert walk through Pratzim kanyon and the salt mountain of Sodom. finally an  afternoon swim at one of the hotel beaches of the southern dead sea. 
  • Sunrise at Masada
  • Tour of Masada
  • Pratzim river and Sodom mountain dessert walk
  • Visit to salt and mineral factory
  • Swim in dead sea

יעל כרם

054-5637952    yael@tzuba.co.il

קיבוץ צובה, ד.נ. הרי יהודה 9087000       


Yael Kerem

Kibbutz Tzuba, D.N. Harey 

Yehuda, 9087000 ISRAEL

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