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2. Remembrance and revival – Symbols of the state of Israel

The state of Israel that rose from the ashes of  the Haulocast, to build a grand democracy, that  is still fighting for its existence. The tour will start with a drive by the Knesset and government buildings, continues to the Yad Vashem memorial hill and museum, lightens up with a contemporary exhibit - the story of Herzl the visionary of the  Jewish state and the ends at graves of the leaders of our nation.
Knesset and government buildings
  • Knesset
  • Supreme court
Yad Vashem
  • Valley of the communities
  • The Righteous Among The Nations
  • Children memorial and Yanush Korchack memorial
  • Historic museum
The linking trail
Hertzl mountain
  • Hertzl Museum
  • Graves of Hertzl, Rabin, Peres etc
  • Unique memorials and stories
  • New – Hall of names
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